camerawoman – The first photo magazine for women


I have always loved photography. As a child I enjoyed doing snapshots and at the age of 20 I bought my first analog SLR camera, but I wasn’t really interested in camera techniques.

Now, after many years, I decided to learn how it goes and started to work with a professional photographer. Today the automatic setting and I are separated forever. 😉

The camerawoman magazine seems to come at the right time. It is the first German photo magazine for women and it shouldn’t just be about camera techniques but about picture composition and interesting portraits of female photographers.

But wait! camerawoman isn’t available yet. The project is just starting and there isn’t a big publisher behind this new magazine. Therefore the team has decided to realize the project with the help of a crowfunding. The first issue is planned for May.

If you like this project and want to know more about it please take a look at Startnext/camerawoman. But, I’m sorry, it’s in German.

The team behind camerawoman: Founder Jürgen Lossau, graphic designer Veronika Neubauer, editor Florian Sturm and photographer Melanie Dreysse.

Photos © camerawoman

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