A new year – but first let’s take a peek at your favorite posts 2016

Happy 2017 to you. Let’s get started with a new year. I was so curious to know your favourite posts in 2016 and I really love the result.

“Your choice 2016”

1. Mio opened in September 2016 and it became one of my favorite places. Why? You can read it here: Café Mio – Maybe we will meet there

2. My sweet Sidi made it to No. 2. That makes me really happy! If you still think about whether a dog is a good idea, I’m sure you can be convinced by reading Why have a dog? Why not!

3. Oh, you choose my dream house, that’s perfect. I don’t know if you love Tuscany like I do. In case you do and you would like to pass a wonderful holiday there in a charming cottage, go straight to Late summer in Tuscany – and a dream cottage to fall in love with

4. Who knows the great designer Ingegerd Råman? What, no one! Has anyone read the post? Some of you may have read it because it made it to No. 4. How is this possible? So please … : Ingegerd Råman – It’s nothing, but it’s still something

5. It was already cold when I wrote this post, but now it’s freezing and I think my post Wow, I’m cold – Time to wrap up warm is more important than before. Isn’t it wonderful to snuggle up?

6. Yes, let’s talk about my heart’s desire: Where would I like to live? At the coast, of course.

“Happy 2017 to you”

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