Living at the coast!


I’m dreaming about living at the coast, sitting on a terrace overlooking the sea and it doesn’t matter if it’s the North or South Sea. Just enjoying the tranquility and listening the sound of the sea waves. I know that I’m not the only one trying to find this wonderful place, but if, then it would look like the TRABOCCO house on the Adriatic Sea coast. Once, it was an ancient fishing device called Trabocco, typical of the Italian Abruzzo coast, but today it is a dream beach house. I love the simplicity of the shape, the modern details and the wraparound terrace, as well as the lightness it exudes by the fact of it standing on support beams. The ZERO85 architecture team did an outstanding job.


“Listening the sound of the sea waves!”


Architects: Studio ZERO85  |  Photos: Sergio Camplone

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