“Adieu” Holiday – “Bonjour” September!

Hi there! Now our holidays are over. Actually, we planned to spend four weeks in Paris, but something went wrong and we came back after one week. So we were able to act much more spontaneously and made several small trips in Munich. But our short stay in Paris was great and exactly what we had in mind – no sightseeing, only strolling through the city, with our little dog. We sat in a bistro for hours and talked with a lovely friend and we met a lot of people who wanted to say “Hello” to our little dog. A perfect day!

Now let’s say “adieu” holidays and “bonjour” September, my favorite month, and after this long blog break we will start again with some pictures from Paris.

Looking at Sacre Coeur from Boulevard Haussmann during a shopping trip.

Rue Montorgueil / Rue Tiquetonne – 2nd arrondissement. Very romantic corner and Rue Montorgueil is well known as a market street with many cafes, restaurants, vegetable and fruit stalls, pastry, butchers and cheese shops.

Rue Montorgueil

Rue Réaumur, near the Paris Bourse.

The restaurant “La patache”, 60, Rue de Lancry – 10th arrondissement / Canal Saint-Martin district. A recommendation from our Parisian friend and we will try it the the next time, because . . .

. . . we were at “Marcel”, 90, Quai Jemmapes – 10th arrondissement / Canal Saint-Martin district, with a very delicious Indian cuisine.

Wall painting at the house of “Chez Marianne”, Rue des Rosiers / Marais district. One of the most beautiful parts of Paris with romantic streets and nice boutiques.

Pistachios, pistachios & pistachios / Marais district.

And finally back at “Père & Fils“, one of our favorite bistros. 86, Rue Montmartre – 2nd arrondissement. À bientôt Paris!

Photos © Angela Schiewer

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  1. Schöne Fotos, wie immer!

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