6 amazing room dividers – the new must-have

The current interior collections are strongly influenced by opulence and a bohemian elegance. You’ll find rich colours, elegant fabrics – velvet, for example, which is one of the most popular – metals, and wallpapers. Since the last interior hype – the bar car – I’ve been waiting for the classical screens. And here they are now! I first discovered one of these in the new Gucci Home collection and now, slowly, other brands have come out with new models.

We know such screens mainly from the Asian region, but they also have a history in the French boudoirs of the past. Today, a screen is a stylish home accessory – let’s see if it’ll outdo the bar car!

If you now feel that you can’t live without a screen anymore, I’ve got a few designs to share with you. But you can also take a look at a dawdler. I’m sure you’ll find a stunning vintage one.

In the picture above, you can see the new screen by Ferm Living. An elegant model with a high-gloss surface. I love the curved top ends, reminiscent of Art Deco.



“A room divider, the new must-have”



The metal screen by Maison du Monde has a very opulent style and with the shiny gold flowers it fits perfectly with the current trend.



Red Edition offers a classic wood divider that reminds me previous mid-century models. Nice to see that such a great design still exists.



The new design by Sebastian Herkner combines several current trends: Muted bold colours, rosé tones ( here is already an article about the rosé trend ), metal, shiny surfaces, and round shapes.



The Italian designer duo Lucidi Pevere created this room divider for Zanotta in 2015. A simple design, complemented by high-quality materials.



And here’s another Maison du Monde screen. Simple and beautiful, without too much bling bling.


Photos © Ferm Living, Maison du Monde, Red Edition, Sebastian Herkner, Lucidi Pevere

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