Country hotel “Lösch für Freunde” in Hornbach

12. September 2014


On our trip to Paris, we made ​​a stop in Hornbach. It is a German nice, small town near the French border. 12 years ago we . . . read more >>

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“Aperitivo Rosato” by Schiewer Design for Ritzenhoff

9. September 2014


I am so glad! Today I would like to show you my new Ritzenhoff design: Aperitivo Rosato. Designed for the new . . . read more >>

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“Adieu” holiday – “Bonjour” September!

4. September 2014

Hi there! Now our holidays are over. Actually, we planned to spend four weeks in Paris. But something . . . read more >>

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Mahlefitz – coffee shop and roastery in Munich

22. July 2014


Do you go crazy for coffee? I do not. I am a huge Latte Macchiato fan. But 2 days ago we got this really good recommendation and . . . read more >>

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Roll – Calendar by Sovrappensiero

14. July 2014


ROLL, the perpetual calendar! The Milan design duo Sovrappensiero developed this nice rolling calendar . . . read more >>

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Bye bye my little town house!

1. July 2014


Hello! After a long blog break due to our move, packing and unpacking boxes, we finally arrived in Munich. And since yesterday I’m online again. Hallelujah!

It still takes time to make it cozy and comfortable, but it is a nice apartment and a nice area to live. However, I am . . . read more >>

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Coat Rack by designer Nick Fraser

20. June 2014


Very stylish! British designer Nick Fraser produces his COAT RACK series using pipelines. And with great . . . read more >>

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Bye bye Augsburg – My favorite café

13. June 2014


In my last post “Bye bye Augsburg . . .” (Bye bye, because soon we will leave Augsburg) I promised to show you . . . read more >>

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Bye bye Augsburg – Strolling through the city

10. June 2014


Do you like to see some Augsburg pics? After a very long time we will leave Augsburg and will move to Munich. I’ve never lived for such a long time in one place. As a child . . . read more >>

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Extrawurst – the art gallery in a former butcher shop

27. May 2014


Since 1987, the former butcher’s shop was closed, until it was reopened in 2012 as the gallery and art studio . . . read more >>

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